Your Baby’s Development – Reasons You Don’t Need to Worry

First time parents will always have that worry at the back of their mind about their newborns since it is their first time handling one. However, a few weeks after you’ve had your little bundle of joy, you will begin to identify the difference between his tired cries and hunger. You will know which one he or she prefers to be burped or rocked. You will start to build your confidence about your skills regarding parenting. You’d already feel like you’ve got everything under control only if it weren’t for the hormonal overload and exhaustion that you felt when taking care of him. But a small change in your baby’s behavior is enough to make you paranoid. And it is because of the unknown that you ask your friends regarding your baby’s health. When they give you their approval that he’s okay, you still worry whether they are okay or not.

But here are reasons why you need to relax now and then.

Baby gets calmed at the sound of your voice and your touch

This proves that you’ve got a good relationship. Newborns tend to cry a lot and expect them now and then. Even talking to your baby will not even make them stop crying. When your baby was still inside your womb, your voice was the one soothing him, so it is only natural that it would draw their attention. The baby is used to being in enclosed spaces, and during his growth, your voice was the biggest part of that experience. After they are born and hearing your voice, being carried around and feeling your body heat will mimic the peaceful times he was inside your womb. When the child feels calmed by your presence, that is the first step to bonding with him and is even a clear sign that he is emotionally developing.

Changing diapers frequently and your baby is gaining weight

This proves that your baby is getting enough milk. He is also growing at a very healthy rate, even if the frequency he drinks each day changes. You often think about whether or not your baby is getting enough breast milk. The way to know this is through his wet diapers.

It is also important that you keep the visits of your baby with their paediatrician regularly so that the latter can assess whether or not the baby is growing properly. In between your trips to the doctor, the wet diapers is the best sign that he is drinking well. These indicators are proof and what you should trust in rather than getting paranoid about it. Babies naturally do not eat the same amount of milk daily or even every feeding as well. These are a part of the growth spurts and the slowdowns. The most important thing here is that their weight increases over time.

Your Baby is attentive and quiet for a couple of times each day

This proves that he is observing the world around him and is starting to learn. The first weeks of your baby are blurry, and this is marked by feelings and his sleep. In between those times, you’ll find a lot of crying and the other little things. It is only until your baby starts gaining control of his eye muscles and gets to focus on a target that you will get a good sense of what your little bundle of joy got on your hands. When the infants get quiet and alert, they are taking notes of everything they are hearing and seeing around them and that they are processing this information. They are starting to get more aware when they reach one month hold. That will be the time that they briefly settle down and then soak in more of the visual cues.

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