Which Is Better Baby Food – Blender Or Jar?

This pertains to whether you should just buy baby food that is already packaged in jars or simply make one yourself. There is an ongoing debate as to which one is better for the baby. But if you ask the experts, both types of food have its set of advantages and disadvantages.

Baby food that is contained in jars is are portable and convenient, but some moms are worried about the following reasons:

  • Cost – it can be a bit more expensive when you buy baby food products instead of cooking and mashing fresh food.
  • Preservatives – this is one of the biggest concerns parents have, especially with the way food are getting televised these days. Pediatricians only recommend preservatives in jarred food to contain vitamin C and nothing else.
  • Processing – the process of making jarred foods also mean using excessive heat. While it can kill bacteria, it can also dull the nutrients.
  • Packaging – the only concern at this point is how the packaging is not eco-friendly like the reusable dishes.

There are more reasons as to why parents opt for the homemade route, but these are the most common ones. So they cook the food, mash it and store it in the fridge. This is less expensive but at the same time, more time-consuming. Other notes that you need to know about homemade is of the following:

  • Safety – it is this reason that some parents prefer the jarred product, since processed food follow very strict guidelines for safety, like the naturally occurring chemical nitrate. Homemade food doesn’t have any of this.
  • Texture – how do you know that lumpy is not too lumpy that your baby won’t consume it anymore? Food that is not mashed enough is a choking hazard. Picky eaters sometimes prefer the consistency of the processed food to a smoother one.
  • Storage – homemade food can’t be easily kept like the jarred food. Parents should be extra aware of thawing and refreezing leftovers because of the growth of bacteria.

There is nothing wrong with making your baby food, but they should do it safely. This also means that one is not better over the other. It all depends on which you prefer. Some parents combine the two for better options, especially when time is crucial and you have no other means to prepare than getting some from the jarred baby food.

The concerns are not that serious that you rule one out of either type of food. Paediatricians recommend a combination – make homemade baby food for dining in and at the same time buying jar food if you bring your baby out since the unopened jar food needs no refrigeration.

It is no longer that much of an issue when it comes to the quality of the processed baby food. What matters here is the level of quality that you are going to choose. You will find a lot of natural and high quality foods that are available on store shelves now.

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