Tips On Making Your Baby Food

Most parents would prefer to buy ready made baby food because they have no idea how to make one that is safe for their consumption. You’d be surprised that it is easy like making your meal, too. Homemade food for your baby can start with just peeling a simple banana or slicing up a ripe avocado. Making food for your baby is not that complicated. All you need to do is just turn them into something that that will be easy for them to eat. The best forms to use is by doing some puree or smoothies out of the solid food, but you also want to introduce into them lumpier textures when they reach 9 months.

Wash properly

While there is no need to sterilize, you do need to keep the counters and all the tools in the kitchen spotless. Always make it a habit to wash your hands all the time before you start any tasks in the kitchen. Keep the cloths, sponges, and towels clean as well.

Raw meat, fish, and chicken can contaminate the other foods. Make sure that you place them separately when you store them in the fridge. Don’t forget to wash your hands, cutting board, counters, utensils and the plates that have come into contact with raw juices. You must cook the fish, eggs, chicken and meat thoroughly.

Germs also breed in tepid temperature in between hot and cold. So keep your cold foods always cold and hot foods always hot. Never leave the baby food out of the room temperature for over two hours. Throw out any food that has surpassed this limit.

When your baby doesn’t finish their food, throw the leftovers. Once the spoon has gone into their mouth and then back into the remaining food, it will grow bacteria.

You should also steer clear from expired products, especially when you are freezing up baby food. Homemade food for babies can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days while freezer for up to three months. Throw out every expired food.

Various recipes

For no-cook purees, mash up papaya, avocado, and banana using a fork. You can also puree mango, melon, and cucumbers, or you can cut them into bit size pieces so that your baby can easily gnaw on them.

As with poultry or meat, brown them up in a frying pan with little canola oil until they are no longer pink. Cook them for at least 7 minutes. If there is any fat, drain them. Transfer the cooked meat to a blender and add one cup water or low sodium stock in every 250 grams raw poultry or meat. Pureed the mixture up to your desired consistency.

As with fish, steam 250 grams skinless and boneless fish filet in a steamer and let it steam between 5 to 10 minutes or up to the point that the fish meat flakes easily. Always double-check for any bones and then mash them up using a fork or puree them in a blender with added steaming hot water.

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