Super mums are taking modafinil to cope with baby and house


Being a parent and a mother can be exhausting. You can be sleep deprived and get fatigued from the lack of sleep. This can cause problems with focus, concentration and staying alert. Modafinil is a medication typically used to promote wakefulness and is used to help with excessive daytime sleepiness in such conditions as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. While promoting alertness it doesn’t have issues with euphoria, tolerance development, addiction or recovery sleep after use. Modafinil has been researched to help with wakefulness and alertness in a number of professions and is a benefit to the average healthy person. Due to its use in markets that involve sleep deprivation, long shifts and sustaining concentration new and existing mothers have found it beneficial to help combat sleep deprivation and fatigue so they can take care of their baby and house.

Sleep debt begins with pregnancy and then continues post-partum. A study found the first week after the baby is born mothers get 1.5 hours less sleep and split into three or more sleep episodes during the day. The study also found there is a great deal of day to day variability in the quality of that sleep. Another study showed that women lose 41 minutes of sleep time and fathers 18 minutes. Women also get sleep fragmentation with both parents showing daytime fatigue levels. Other studies indicate fatigue levels for both parents as well. Lack of sleep can affect cognitive function and mood regulation among other things. Lifestyle factors would affect sleep debt as well such as working and being a parent and being a single parent as well as other children and their ages. Regardless, being a mother and doing it all can come at the cost of sleep. Having a newborn and coping with the sleep debt can cause a lot of stress as well.

Effects of sleep debt:

  • Weight gain
  • More impulsive
  • Moody
  • Memory problems
  • Problems making decisions
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Lowered immune system
  • Micro-sleeps which can lead to accidents


Without sleep debt, modafinil shows some pretty impressive all around benefits in healthy individuals. We know for example it helps with fatigue levels. There was a study done in 2004 on 300mg of modafinil in which the results indicated on non-sleep deprived individuals there was an improvement in fatigue, motivation, vigilance and reaction time. All of which one does suffer from with sleep deprivation and being overworked so we can see the benefits to people who buy modafinil online at startup pharmacies like Duckdose. More research in this area reviewed modafinil as a cognitive enhancer on healthy individuals. It showed significant improvement in certain cognitive performance areas but also modafinil made individuals more attentive, energetic and alert. Other research has mentioned the alerting effects of modafinil as well. So even without sleep debt, parents would receive the benefit of anti-fatigue, alertness, and improvements to cognitive performance. Certainly when parents work as well improvements to fatigue and alertness can be a benefit in our lives.

It is interesting to note the research on modafinil for stress alone because that is one benefit that mothers can certainly use. The research was done on rodents in 2006 and 2002 who were induced with stress to demonstrate modafinil lowered corticosterone levels in the rodents. In fact, it was shown the medication was more beneficial when the mice were stressed than when they were not. The studies indicate it could be beneficial in reducing cortisol in stressed humans although there has been no specific research looking into this.

We do know that modafinil is well documented for its use in sleep deprivation, promoting wakefulness and helping sustain function while doing so. For prolonged periods of wakefulness, there was a study done in 2004 looking at sleep deprivation for 85 hours with 400mgs of modafinil. They found it restored psychomotor function and objective alertness as well as some sustained performance on various cognitive tasks. However, that is for long term sleep deprivation.

Other studies have looked at shorter term sleep deprivation and sustained performance. Sleep deprivation not only affects your fatigue levels and alertness but also your mood and decision-making skills. These are things that would be important for a parent to want to sustain when they buy modafinil online. One study we can review was a 2005 one in military aviation on pilots in flight simulators during 37 hours of wakefulness. They received three separate doses of modafinil at 100mgs. Their performance was reduced by around 15-30% compared to those without the medication at 60-100% reduced performance. It decreased their rate of anger and depression and increased rates of confidence, alertness, and vigor. So while emotional reactivity is affected by sleep deprivation this study would suggest modafinil moderated that while at the same time improving alertness. There was a study done in 2012 on doctors with one night of sleep deprivation. They received 200mg of modafinil. The results showed that the modafinil helped with working memory, planning problems, were less impulsive in decision making and were have flexibility in attention. This suggests that cognitive skills are preserved when one takes modafinil but also it helps moderate impulsivity in decision making and planning that happens with sleep deprivation. When sleep deprived a mother would want to have that moderation in mood reactivity and impulsivity.

Being a new parent can be hectic and exhausting especially when it comes with some initial sleep debt in there causing symptoms of sleep deprivation and stress. Modafinil may actually have a benefit of lowering our cortisol in the brain to help us cope with stress. Research has shown it to promote alertness and energize us whether we are sleep deprived or not. It certainly helps with sleep deprivation in many ways. It promotes wakefulness in short term and long term cases of sleep debt. It helps moderate emotional reactivity and impulsivity caused by sleep deprivation. It helps us maintain our cognitive performance from sleep deprivation and our ability to plan and make decisions. It also helps us maintain motor function which suffers from a lack of sleep. There are a lot of areas that suffer when we lack the proper amount of sleep and modafinil helps us cope with that. Having a new baby in the house can typically cause a sleep disruption in mothers, and in fathers as well, which modafinil can help people cope with.

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