How To Take Care Of A Newborn

This may seem like a very common thing to happen to every parents, but even new parents are still asking the same thing over and over again – how to take care of their newborns.

By the time you give birth to your first baby, you will be given instructions by your doctor on how to take care of your baby. It will also be your responsibility on finding a pediatrician that will take a look after your baby’s health. But seeing that it is your first time with a baby, it is only natural that you’d be panicking on what to do.

The tips below will help you how to take care of your baby and eventually get confident about it.

Getting Help You Need

You should consider getting help at this time since it can be very overwhelming and hectic. It is because of this reason that you see a lot of new parents have their parents by their side, aiding their children on what it is to become a parent. While you are in the hospital, talk with the experts on what you should do. Most of the time the nurses and doctors will provide you all the information you need on how to take care of your newborn. You can also ask for a guide from the lactation consultants or the feeding specialists that can help you with bottle feeding or nurse your baby.

When you are already at home, since usually, you are only going to be at the hospital for 2 days, you might consider hiring a baby nurse or a neighborhood teenager that is responsible enough that will help you for a short period. The doctors and nurses at the hospitals can be good sources for finding information regarding in-home help. They might even be able to give you recommendations to health agencies.

This is an option in case that some of your friends, relatives or your parents can’t be around for some days or are too busy.

Handling your newborn

If you have not spent much time with the newborns, it can be quite intimidating in your part. Here are a couple of basics to take note of.

  • Wash your hands before you handle your baby. The baby’s immune system is still developing, so they are susceptible to infection and many other illnesses. Make sure that everyone that handles your baby should have a pair of clean hands.
  • Try to be extra careful when you support the baby’s neck and head. Cradle your baby’s head when you carry them and support the head when you carry them upright or when you lay the baby down.
  • Avoid shaking the newborn whether in frustration or Vigorous shaking can cause the baby’s brain to bleed or even death. If you want to wake up your baby, avoid shaking it. Just tickle the feet or gently blow on their cheek.

Try to make sure that they are securely fastened into a car seat, stroller or carrier. Limit the activity that could get too bouncy or rough on them.

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